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Gulmohar City Karachi


An amusement park
Amusement Parks
A housing project by the water
A cafe
An educational institute
Golf clubs along with three balls and two tees
A gym
Health Fitness
A hospital
A beautiful mosque
A security guard watching the camera footage
A shopping mall
Shopping Mall
Two kids swimming
A villa

Project Details


Lavish. Affordable. Accessible.

Gulmohar Villas are designed along modern lines of architecture, ending between natural provisions and our requirements. Providing convenience as it is.


Lakeview apartments are high-end apartment buildings that come fully equipped with the lavishes of a 1000 sq ft area that caters to all your wants and needs. Situated in the heart of Gulmohar City, Lakeview apartments will be fully equipped with top-notch furnishing, provided with 24/7 concierge services when needed.


One of the key indicators on a successful community underlies with the performance of its commercial infrastructure, for that sole purpose, the commercial zone comprising of grandeur malls and cinemas, shopping marts international and local food chains that meet the mandatory standards, and much more, making it another cornerstone of the project.


Convenient for the people – 80 Sq yard, 125 Sq yard, 150 Sq yard

Convenient for a healthy lifestyle – 200 Sq yard, 300 Sq yard

Convenient for luxurious living – 500 Sq yard, 1000 Sq yard.


For the future prosperity of a flourishing society, building a base for a stronger tomorrow is key, and a model that builds strong future leaders will reflect on the platform that is given to these kids and young adults and a specific capacity has been dedicated to presenting a center for excellence where everyone will be treated with love and affection to harness their skill.


Hill resorts are the pinnacle of Gulmohar City that promises an escape from reality into the breezy world of tranquility with your loved ones. Segregated on top of hills, surrounded by tall majestic natural beauty, one is to find themselves in love with the peace and calm that is promised at Gulmohar hill resorts.


Having faith brings peace to not one soul but the practical life of a person and in order to provide a house of faith, we have established a plan in place to build, if not the best, one of the best infrastructures for its people, that translates tranquility.

Gulmohar Hill Golf Club

The state-of-the-art facility is built in correspondence to international standards of an 18 hole golf course. Surrounded by lush green landscape, the view on the course itself is breathtaking, having been built on an elevated hilltop, Gulmohar City is in sight from wherever you stand on the course. A true marvel in the architectural construct in harmony with a well-respected sport.


What truly sets apart the infrastructure of Gulmohar City from that of the hub, at first glance, is how every aspect of the infrastructure falls into place systematically.

Reducing the pollution levels by far. The 200 ft wide main road elegantly branches out from the roots of the city and offshoots into 100 ft wide secondary roads connecting the city furthermore. The service lanes here are also 100 ft wide with dedicated streets and lanes popping up at 40 ft and 30 ft wide carpeting, elegantly stretching from the main road network, with its inception from the main gate of the fine city that is, Gulmohar City. 

Health care

Gulmohar City covers every aspect of a successful society, and one of the key players in this regard is to make sure there is an ease of access for its residents. With state-of-the-art health care facilities, Gulmohar City will be well-equipped with all facilities to run a hospital that covers all major and minor needs of health care, while attracting some of the best doctors out there.

Amusement parks

Playland, zoo, adventure theme park, jungle safari (day and night), hiking trail, horse riding club. The incredible spread of land is a sheer monument for a complete lifestyle community that speaks volumes of nature’s manifestation. With facilities to provide insights on the natural world and the vast diversity, it brings us to learn from. Our future generations are sure to consider the effects of our everyday routine on the environment.

Sports zone

Every recreational zone is complete only with a list of the sportive attributes to it, so is the case with Gulmohar sports zone that encompasses a futsal ground, tennis court, badminton area, go-cart track, Gulmohar’s very own secure gaming zone, and a lake for boat rowing.

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